Coupals Primary Academy

Home School Communication

Communicating with our parents and carers is such an essential and important part of what we do. It is vital that all of the up-to-date information about our activities, newsletters, calendars, events and school news is relayed in a timely manner to our parents and carers. It is something that really matters to us.

Please see the communication tools we use at our school to enable the smooth and safe transference of information between school and home.

If you have any issues accessing these tools please contact the School Office.

Our platform for teacher-home communication and remote learning is Showbie. Showbie can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

The school also uses Class Dojo to communicate with parents/carers.


The Online Payment system is available to all parents. In order to prepay for your child’s school lunches, you will need to register with ParentPay. To access the facility, visit Should you need help registering please contact the School Office.