Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 is a very exciting stage in a child's learning in which they enter the National Curriculum. Our Key Stage 1 curriculum is designed and delivered in line with the National Curriculum, schemes we have adopted are CUSP, Maths Mastery, Kapow and Jigsaw PSHE. Our aim for Key Stage 1 learners is for them to develop excellent foundations in communication (reading, writing and speaking & listening) and maths through a range of creative and learning experiences. In Year 1 we use a Continuous Provision approach similar to that of Reception to support and enhance pupils’ learning. 

In Key Stage 1 we currently use Phonics Bug for our phonics and reading scheme.  This scheme allows us to allocate books for children to access from home (online) that supports them in securing their phonics skills as they develop their skills as a reader.  When children complete the quizzes on phonics bug the class teacher gets feedback, allowing them to plan how best to support their learning in school. Some children in Key Stage 1 will begin to use Accelerated Reader online to for reading comprehension activities. 

In Key Stage 1 we use Kinetic Letters for our handwriting scheme.  This supports children to develop accurate letter formation and increase automatic recall, allowing them to focus more on the content of their writing.

Our Key Stage 1 classes are: 


Cam Class (Year 1): Teacher: Mrs Jones, Teaching Assistants: Mrs Grant

Waveney Class (Year 1): Teachers: Mrs Evans and Mrs Ahmed, Teaching Assistants: Mrs Penn

Thames Class (Year 2): Teacher: Miss Willis, Teaching Assistans: Mrs Atkins

Tyne Class (Year 2): Teacher: Miss Edwards, Teaching Assistants: Mrs Reeve 



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