Upper Key Stage 2

Upper Key Stage 2 is the beginning of the transition of pupils from primary to secondary school. Throughout year 5 and 6 pupils develop greater independence and begin to have routines, e.g. homework, which begin to prepare them for the systems at secondary school. 

In Year 5 pupils attend a residential trip at an outdoor activity centre and in Year 6 they have the opportunity to attend a week long residential trip to the Isle of Wight (a reward after their week of Statutory Assessment Tests - SATS). 

Our top priority in Year Six is preparing the children for their next step to Secondary School. We want them to be confident in their own abilities, both academically and socially. We work closely with Samuel Ward, as well as the other primary schools in our Trust, to provide the Year Six children with as many opportunities to make links with new people and places, as possible.

All of year six are using Class Dojo as an online behaviour for learning incentive. 

Our Upper Key Stage 2 classes are: 

Nile Class: Teacher: Miss Brown, Teaching Assistant: Mrs Billings 

Pacific Class: Teacher: Mrs Weaver (nee Miss Proffitt), Teaching Assistants: Mrs Barrett and Mrs Taylor 


Pacific- Mrs Weaver

The main priority in Year 6 is preparing the children for the transition into Year 7. Part of this is preparing the change in expectations of their own independence. Therefore we are going to really try and develop their independence and organisation skills, which will help them when they move onto secondary school. The children have already been given a class planner, to begin to understand how to use it and the importance of logging home learning and important messages.

Another part of preparing for Year 7 is being ready academically. The end of Key Stage 2 assessments are extremely challenging. Our intention is to prepare the children thoroughly. We acknowledge how difficult it is for the children to adjust to the increased demands of Year 6 but we also know from previous experience that it is necessary in order for them to achieve their full potential. We very much appreciate the support from home in helping them adjust to life in Year 6.

The highlight of the Year for most of the children will be their residential visit to the Isle of Wight, which is already being planned. We will hold a meeting later in the term to give you further details.

In regards to subject learning, we will be focusing heavily on the arithmetic in maths, to ensure the children are confident in the calculations using the formal methods. Once this is embedded, we can then move onto the reasoning side later on into the term.

For English, we will be concentrating on developing their ‘Reciprocal reading’ skills, to help them with their reading comprehension. A main part for this is learning how to structure their answers in response to a question. This will often be taught using our whole class text, ‘Holes’, which I am sure the children are going to really enjoy. We will also begin to introduce a lot of grammar, which can be overwhelming with the vast content and vocabulary to learn, but we will get there and I have every faith in the children. Lastly, for writing we will begin to look at a range of non-fiction texts, learning the necessary toolkits needed to write in a particular style.

For IPC, we will be focusing mainly on our science topics to prepare the children for Samuel Ward. First of all is our ‘Being human’ unit, which as I am sure you can probably guess, is to do with the human body. I am sure the children are going to find this unit extremely interesting.