Lower Key Stage 2

Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4) see our pupils make the transition from Key Stage 1 to the upper stages of primary education. Building upon the good foundation they have received in Early Years and Key Stage 1 our pupils will continue to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the world and their communication and maths skills as well as developing an enquiring mind and interest in the world around them. We continue to adopt CUSP, Maths Mastery, Kapow and Jigsaw PSHE to guide our curriculum.

Our Lower Key Stage 2 classes are: 

Rhine Class (Year 3) Teacher: Mrs Mantle/Mrs Sisson, Teaching Assistants: Miss Horscroft, Miss Mead

Danube Class (Year 3): Teacher: Miss Day/Mrs Sisson, Teaching Assistant: Mrs Brialey, Miss Mead

Tiber Class (Year 4): Teacher: Miss Millar, Teaching Assistant: Miss Hempenstall

Seine Class (Year 4): Teacher: Miss Thompson,  Teaching Assistant: Mrs Farrant